Pregnant at 16: Part 2

I think it is important when reading my account of my first pregnancy to remember that my friends and peers were also 16. We hadn’t yet had to make a decision with such impact on our lives. I say ‘we’ because it really was a team effort. Noah’s first years were him being raised by […]

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Pregnant at 16: Part 1

I have decided that I’m going to write a few blog posts over the next few months or so surrounding my pregnancy with Noah. I am an open book, however there are some things that I will always hold back. This however is not a story of shame as I thought in previous years, it […]

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The nursing bursary cut

This Sunday is international nurses day and I thought it would be apt timing for a post discussing the axing of bursaries for student nurses. It’s confusing and not everyone knows the difference now or even that there is a difference! What was the bursary? The bursary was put in place to help alleviate the […]

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Dreaming of a tight Christmas

Christmas gifts on a budget This is a completely different blog post to the more serious stuff I usually post, but I’ve had a lot of messages after posting a couple of cheap things I had found for this Christmas, so thought I’d compile a list of things I have done for this Christmas to […]

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