How we use Deliveroo #AD

The following blog post is a paid partnership with Deliveroo #AD  We don’t have a ‘takeaway’ day once a week like some families do (as we’re just usually here, there and  everywhere) but I probably end up having a Deliveroo or two a month, purely because I’m shattered/I forgot to take something out of the […]

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Cuts: Legal Aid

Over my blog and Instagram, so far, I’ve written about cuts to the student nurse bursary (and tuition fees), benefits, NHS services, the police force and now – legal aid. Perhaps one that is less known, because unlike the emergency services which you are likely to access/come into contact with within your lifetime, you might […]

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It was different back then.

*This is my experience as a white woman questioning racism and prejudices within my own extended family, and the difficulties that can arise. For further information on  white privilege and black women mortality rates please see my further reading list at the bottom of the page* Racism and white fragility are topics that can divide […]

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Pregnant at 16: Part 2

I think it is important when reading my account of my first pregnancy to remember that my friends and peers were also 16. We hadn’t yet had to make a decision with such impact on our lives. I say ‘we’ because it really was a team effort. Noah’s first years were him being raised by […]

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Pregnant at 16: Part 1

I have decided that I’m going to write a few blog posts over the next few months or so surrounding my pregnancy with Noah. I am an open book, however there are some things that I will always hold back. This however is not a story of shame as I thought in previous years, it […]

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Cuts: the nursing bursary

This Sunday is international nurses day and I thought it would be apt timing for a post discussing the axing of bursaries for student nurses. It’s confusing and not everyone knows the difference now or even that there is a difference! What was the bursary? The bursary was put in place to help alleviate the […]

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