Teen Mummery


I’m Rin and I am No and Ro’s mumma (@noandroblog) and I thought I’d start off my blog with a bit of general info about us.
No is 4 years old and Ro is 4 months (next week – eek). They’re great! Quite the handful but great all the same.
At 21 years old, I’ve started my family pretty young, starting 13 years earlier than the current UK average for a woman.
Becoming a mother at such a young age hasn’t been easy and people haven’t always been the kindest either.
Motherhood is the easiest thing in the world to judge. Too young, too old. Staying at home, going back to work. Natural birth, use of an epidural. Breastfeeding/formula feeding. I could sit here forever listing.
As this is my first post I intend for it to be quite lighthearted (the deeper, more intense blogging will come soon I am sure!) I thought I would compile a list of things strangers have said to me whilst out with my boys…
1) Are they yours?
2) are they both yours?
3) were they planned?
4) didn’t you think you were too young?
5) are you on benefits?
6) are you breastfeeding?
7) are you still with the dad?

It’s shocking that when you put a baby in front of some, it automatically screams ‘please ask me personal, invasive questions!’ And I often wonder if mums of a more acceptable age are also interrogated quite so harshly as I have been.
A short introduction to us, but hey, I wouldn’t want to scare you away on our first meeting.

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