I waited the full six months before I began weaning Noah, he didn’t seem very interested in food and I was happy to follow the advice from the Health Visitor. Nono was sleeping through the night from around 10 weeks also, so from that perspective food didn’t seem necessary. I also just gave Noah pretty much whatever I was eating when he began weaning. By a year old he was capable of working his way through a pretty hot chilli con carne.I began weaning Roman just before 5 months. Romey’s not always great at being put down especially at dinner time as that also coincides with his cranky hour, so I was often trying to eat my dinner at a funny angle, jiggling him on my knee. He begun to lunge for food early on and watched with fascination as us big humans put food into our mouths and would gnaw on his hand without breaking eye contact.

I caved in as he was clearly showing signs of being ready and I had bought a savvy baby blender in the sale at Morrisons, which I was a little eager to give a go. 

Avocado was the first thing I tried to feed him. His reaction wasn’t great at first but he continued to open his mouth for more so I tried a little more before giving up and assuring myself that it’s okay, he WILL be an avocado lover one day too.

Then incomes daddy with the banned substance that is a Farley’s rusk. Those baby biscuits that are yummy enough that I have eaten a few whilst sitting watching Line of Duty. The ones that are full of sugar and are oh so moreish. Needless to say, that went down a bloody treat.

I tried again the following day with a cauliflower and Apple purée. Which was much more appreciated. He held his own spoon and would try get the spoon into his mouth (usually poking himself in the eye) so I begun to incorporate baby led weaning too. Skinned and cut up (some boiled to soften too) tomatoes, mango, cucumber, potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, papaya, apples, asparagus and broccoli, etc make for great finger foods that keep him entertained and interested in food.

We have decided to refrain from feeding Romey meat yet – he has had fish however. He eats pulses, fruit and veg and is still getting most of his nutrients from milk so at this time I don’t deem it necessary. 

Deciding to completely boycott jars and pouches has bit me in the bum a bit though. I’ve tried to give him ready made food twice when we’ve been out for convenience, it doesn’t go down well. I had Ella’s Kitchen’s Veggie Feast spat back in my face when we were in Nando’s. I have inadvertently trained him into a baby food snob. He’ll be sneering at your weekly shop in Aldi next. 

We used to have a food snob dog, Kaisa. Her previous owners had fed her from their plates at the dinner table so when she came to us she would stare at her dog bowl of Baker’s complete with such a face of sadness, when hunger really took its toll she’d start to sift through the bowl of food with her muzzle and one paw, selecting the dog food shapes that she liked. If she accidentally picked up a peice or two that weren’t to taste they were swiftly ejected back onto the floor.

Just to top off the food snobbery that goes on in this family, Tre refuses to eat frozen oven food. So those quick easy dinners that involve fish fingers/pizzas/oven chips are out of the question and when we were queuing in Boots a few weeks back, I asked Noah what he’d like for his good behaviour treat, he said, “Oh please can we have some salmon sushi” 

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