The stuff you need, the stuff you defo don’t.

Having had two babies now, I’m getting kinda used to this mummy thing and I’ve compiled quite a wordy list of the items I wouldn’t be without, and those which were really not needed/a bit shit.


Tommee Tippee prep machine – this was a gift from my mum and stepfather when I was pregnant with Romey, I was pretty dubious about whether this bit of kit really was needed. Roman was pretty much exclusively breastfed for the first four months, minus a few bottles when I wasn’t with him (a rarity) and I decided to fully combination feed around 5 months – we then began using the machine. We went to my grandma’s for THREE days leaving the machine at home. Boiling a kettle and then frantically trying to run a hot bottle under the cold tap/sticking in the freezer/in a bowl of water in the fridge is now peasant’s work. Bare in mind I used to do it for Noah – it really shouldn’t have been such a tasking experience. Roman is fully formula fed these days and we use the machine 5-6 times a day. I am now so lazy when it comes to bottle making that I’m hoping by the next time I have a baby (HA) that the 2.0 version also measures out your formula for you too. Ro’s now on 8oz each feed, and I feel like waiting for it to make his Grande Aptamil takes a LIFETIME. I’ve worked out that after the first ‘hot shot’ of water, I can fit in time to go for a pee, wash my hands, and sometimes even fit in squeezing a spot in the mirror – depending on the length of the wee – before it makes the inevitable beep that lets us know young sir’s beverage is ready.

Ergo – YOU CAN DO HOUSEWORK WITH THEM ATTACHED TO YOU. Which is honestly the best use of a sling, although of course carrying round your precious bundle on your chest is great feeling too. The ergo’s are by far my favourite carrier we have had so far. I liked the Moby Wrap for when baby is first born as its soft and they pretty much mould into it but it is not great past 6 months, they get far to heavy for it! The ergo can be used from 7lb to 33lb – Noah’s only just surpassed 33lb!

GOOD breast pads – I was using the Tommee Tippee breast pads, and was constantly leaking through. They would fold over in half and fall out of place and were just generally shit. I’m not organised and resourceful enough to have used reusable pads (even though in pregnancy I was convinced I was going to have a cloth bummed baby) but honestly the Johnson’s breast pads were a game changer. They’re a bit pricier than the Tommee Tippee/supermarket own brand ones but definitely worth it. They fitted me perfectly, they didn’t move around, they were comfortable – they’re actually moulded more to the nipple shape rather than a large flat circle.

A sensibly sized pram – I harassed my partner for this pram. I pre planned presentations explaining as to why we NEEDED this pram. You know a nice big pram that can go off road? A nice big pram that has back tyres that rival those of a tractor? Does it fit in our car? Of course it fucking doesn’t.

Digital thermometer – I never had one with Noah and didn’t really think they were all that important. I have briefly written about why we were really lucky to have had one handy in my post ‘Engaged’. But yeah, get one. Especially for when they’re dinky.

Baby shoes – I constantly see these written on the ‘you don’t need for a baby’ lists. I think they are needed! Who isn’t cheered up by a pair of baby shoes? They’re a damn sight cuter/more interesting than maternity towels and muslins.
What human being doesn’t find joy in a tiny pair of moccasins?

Things I really think you don’t need:

A video monitor – really? You don’t want to just hear them scream? You wanna watch them too?

Highchair – unless you have the space to store (luckily we have a basement for when things aren’t in use) don’t get a traditional high chair. Bumbo’s, mother care and mama’s and papa’s bumbo equivalents are really handy or there are many clip on to table highchair designs available. If you are still going to get the standard high chair, check the designs out before you buy, some models don’t enable you to take the cover off of the highchair so your lovely homemade sugarless tomato pasta sauce is going to stain the hell out of it.

A bath thermometer – no matter how precious they are, I promise you their skin is made out of the same stuff yours is, just put your arm in first!

love Rin xx

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