How we use Deliveroo #AD

The following blog post is a paid partnership with Deliveroo #AD

 We don’t have a ‘takeaway’ day once a week like some families do (as we’re just usually here, there and  everywhere) but I probably end up having a Deliveroo or two a month, purely because I’m shattered/I forgot to take something out of the freezer/I went to the shop for ingredients and came back with f all/I know all my friends are out out and I want to treat myself/hanging out my….



Unlike a lot of its competitors, the huge amount of variety means it is totally possible to order food that is healthy and doesn’t make you feel sluggish.

Little things about Deliveroo have made me like it as a company, and happy to work with them on this advertisement. Their customer service is brilliant if anything should ever go wrong (because you know, it happens) and the Thank You Midwife campaign over the festive period (a fee was donated to UCLH Midwives with every order) was a nice touch that I appreciated.

Deliveroo have just won the Mumsnet Rated badge. 89% of 130 Mumsnet testers would recommend Deliveroo to friends or family, qualifying them for Mumsnet Rated. 

Find out more here

Rin xxx


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