Breastfeeding as a young mum

I always knew that I was going to breastfeed when I was pregnant with Noah. All the babies I knew had been fed this way and I thought I was pretty clued up in terms of how it goes. I was also comfortable with the fact that if he didn’t latch, I would formula feed. […]

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Coping with speech delay

Roman is 20 months. Speech and language referrals are rarely accepted until after a child has turned 2. I am not concerned about my child being ‘behind’ as I am well aware that all develop at their own rate, and I have met children at his age, who are non verbal and have then grown […]

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Old family, new family

What do you do when your family unit disintegrates? I was very lucky that I had a ‘nuclear family’ when growing up. Mum, dad and my little sister. When I was 14, my parents separated. I remember being strangely fine about it, not much would change, and not much did. We saw dad nearly everyday […]

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The Wedding Weekend

In the run up to the wedding, I read so many blogs about the perfect wedding. Weddings that required years of planning, wedding planners, waiting lists, mood boards (I love a mood board) etc. From the get go, I knew this wasn’t going to be us. I love a big white wedding dress, and I’ve […]

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Mental health awareness

As a lot of you will know it’s #mentalhealthawareness week. I thought I’d put out a post to give a bit of a recap to ‘PND & Pots’ which I wrote last year about prenatal depression. Firstly, I was wrong. I wrapped up ‘PND and pots’ nearly exactly a year ago with ‘touch wood, I will never […]

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